The Ultimate Performance Nutrition Meal Plan Package

"The Ultimate Performance Plan"


Let me be your guidance and personal nutriton coach for 1 month! Learn all you need to know in this period and be your own expert for life. 


These plans are designed to help you!


  • Fast track fitness & health results.
  • Build muscle.
  • Loose weight.
  • Become the healthiest version of your self. 
  • Build structure and maintain healthy eating habits. 
  • Transition to a plant based diet.
  • Learn to cook a variety of plant based meals.
  • Understand the basics of nutrition.
  • The plan is yours for life, reuse it as many times as you like!


What's included?


  1. Online consultation and assessment to evaluate your goals and what you wish to achieve throughout this program.
  2. Week by week 28-day 100% customised meal plan package to meet your caloric needs. Doing this weekly allows us to make any required changes on the go. 
  3. Each week you will recieve a PDF folder with meal plan template including all recipes, printable shopping check list.
  4. Macronutrient break down per day and for each individual meal in grams and percentages.  
  5. Continued assistance and support over the 4 week meal plan period. Online check in's to follow up on your progress and help keep you accountable.

The Ultimate Performance Nutrition Meal Plan Package