About Us

Plant Power Nutrition & Fitness (PPNF), offer a variety of pre designed and customised plant-based meal plans and body/mind transformation programs. Developed by Blake King, a professionally qualified plant-based nutrition coach and personal trainer. Holding a Diploma in Wholefoods Nutrition, Vegan Nutrition and Counselling and a Certificate III in Fitness and currently completing a Certificate IV in Personal Training.

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PPNF is here to assist people who are looking to make positive lifestyle changes. We are passionate about teaching overall health, nutrition and fitness. You may wish to improve your fitness levels by losing weight, gaining weight or building muscle strength or simply learn how to cook delicious plant-based meals. Most importantly the program endeavours to avoid common lifestyle diseases resulting from poor diet choices. All this and more can be achieved through custom plant-based meal plans and counselling.

The Story Behind How We Got Here

Meet the creator

Blake is the creator of Plant Power Nutrition and Fitness. In 2015 he decided to make the single most important decision of his life thus far in adapting a plant-based lifestyle.

At the time Blake purely made the change from a health perspective but within months he noticed a host of additional benefits. These included a huge increase in energy, increased focus throughout the day and being able to concentrate at a higher level.


Blake felt much more content within himself and noted that his recovery time from exercise had dramatically reduced. He noticed a loss of stubborn body fat in addition to enhanced strength levels. 

Blake decided he needed to know and understand why he felt this way and if he continued down this path what other benefits might he encounter in the future. So it was then that he decided to invest his time into researching this lifestyle choice.


After several years of study it's become a passion of his to guide people through this diet and lifestyle choice so that they can also share his experience.

 “I feel blessed to be able to make a difference by helping people become the best version of themselves. In doing this they can aspire to live a healthy, fulfilled life spreading the real meaning of compassion through healthy, conscious eating.” - Blake